Why Buy Lexus Genuine Parts?
Here at Lexus, our number one priority is keeping you and your family safe. That's why we've spend enormous effort in the meticulous design of all of our parts. Buying Genuine Lexus Parts is the only way to guarantee that the parts you buy are made specifically for your Lexus and don't risk your safety or your vehicle's long-term performance and value. Not only are these parts made specifically for your Lexus, but they also bring many other benefits with them.

1. All Parts are backed by a 12-month warranty (Lexus Genuine Batteries come with a 24-month free replacement warranty and prorated for the balance of the 84-month warranty period).
2. Using Lexus Genuine Parts prevents unforeseen warranty issues.
3. Lexus Genuine Parts are made and installed by people who know the intricacies of your vehicle.
4. Hennessy Lexus is a local family-owned business and holds ethical installation and the community's safety in high esteem.
5. There are 2 convenient locations (Duluth and Atlanta) who value your time and safety.
6. Specificity Orders are available to make sure you get the exact part for your make and model.

Featured Lexus Genuine Parts
  Lexus Genuine Oil Filter
Starting at: $5.41

 Lexus Genuine Cabin Air Filter
Starting at: $19.60

 Lexus Genuine Engine Air Filter
Starting at: $23.75

   Lexus Genuine Spark Plug
Starting at: $17.99 /each

 Lexus Genuine Anti-Freeze
Starting at: $27.45/gallon

   Lexus Genuine Body Rivet
Starting at: $0.75/each 

Lexus Genuine Tire
Prices Vary.

  Lexus Genuine Key Battery
Starting at: $7.00

 Lexus Genuine Rubber Wiper Insert
Starting at: $9.99

 Lexus Genuine Cargo Mat
Starting at: $99.00

 Lexus Genuine Floor Mat
Starting at: $99.00

Lexus Genuine Car Battery
Starting at: $137.45

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