2020 LEXUS LC 500 VS. 2020 BMW M850i

When it comes to luxury sports cars, Lexus and BMW have firmly planted their stake in the game. The 2020 Lexus LC 500 and the 2020 BMW M850i are two examples of the caliber of vehicle both companies are capable of. When looking at the two models side by side the BMW just barely edges out the Lexus in some of the more common areas. However, the Lexus makes up for it in other performance areas.

 2020 LEXUS LC 5002020 BMW M850i
Transmission10 speed automatic8 speed automatic
Curb Weight4,335 pounds4,478 pounds
Turning Circle35.4 feet39.0 feet
Price Range$92,945 - $103,705$111,900 - $138,130

The 2020 LC 500's 10 speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission has wide ratio gearing that delivers intense high rpm launches combined with quiet, relaxed high-speed cruising. With only eight speeds, the 2020 BMW M850i may not always have the ideal gear situation. 

Unprecedented Handling

With much of the engine's mass behind the front axle for near perfect balance and its specially engineered rear wheel drive platform with enhanced handling and steering systems, the LC 500 offers an unmatched driving experience. When you combine that with the LC's 10 speed automatic transmission with its lighter weight and better turning circle, you have a car that is much easier to control. With its more heavily front based weight distribution and heavy all wheel drive system, the M850i can't offer the same engaging handling dynamics.


Safety and Security

Available safety features are at the top of everyone's mind. But it seems that they take more of a priority in the mind of Lexus engineers than those of BMW's engineers. While the 2020 LC 500 and the 2020 BMW M850i have a number of safety features in common, the LC seems to have few more crucial features that come standard at no extra cost to you. When comparing the two makes and models head-to-head, it starts to become clear where one model pulls out ahead.

  2020 LEXUS LC 5002020 BMW M850i
Forward Collision WarningStandard    Standard
Automatic Emergency BrakingStandardStandard
Pedestrian DetectionStandardStandard
Lane Departure WarningStandardStandard 
Adaptive Cruise ControlStandardOptional
Lane Keeping SystemStandardAvailable

With eight airbags and an impressive suite of safety features including Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and Lane Keeping Assist, the 2020 Lexus LC offers comprehensive safety features that Lexus offers as standard. The 2020 BMW M850i, on the other hand, has a higher starting price with many safety features only available at an extra cost to you.


Comfort for the driver and their passengers is of paramount importance to any car maker. When it comes to the 2020 Lexus LC 500 and the 2020 BMW M850i that standard remains true for both. However, when you take a closer look at the two models, it becomes more clear that the 2020 LC 500 edges out the 2020 BMW M850i once again.

  • More Legroom: While both vehicles offer that same amount of legroom to the front passengers, the 2020 LC 500 provides more legroom for the rear passengers. So when you're showing off your new ride to your friends, they can actually enjoy it as much as you are.
  • More Shoulder Room: We understand that shoulder room might not be the first thing you think of or consider when deciding on a new vehicle. However, it does make a considerable difference in the comfort you and your passengers experience in your vehicle. The 2020 Lexus LC 500 edges out the 2020 BMW M850i in this department as well by providing more shoulder room, and thus more comfort for the rear passengers.
More Agile and More Spacious

As you just learned, the 2020 LC 500 offers more space for your passengers than the 2020 M850i. However, it doesn't stop there. Thought the LC and M850i share a similar wheelbase, the LC is more agile and responsive in tight maneuvering due to its shorter overall length and 3.6 foot tighter turning circle.



When it comes to standard warranties, Lexus offers some of the best in the industry for both new and certified pre-owned vehicles. When it comes to the new 2020 Lexus LC 500 and the 2020 BMW M850i, Lexus outshines the competition once again. The LC 500 comes standard with a six year 70,000 mile powertrain warranty for the engine and driveline, while the M850i has a shorter, four year or 50,000 mile powertrain warranty.


After taking all of these things into account, it's clear that the 2020 LC 500 outshines the 2020 M850i. When you're looking for an electrifying luxury sports car that combines capability with a long-lasting warranty all in one gorgeous package, stop by Hennessy Lexus Gwinnett to get behind the wheel of a 2020 Lexus LC 500. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and find you a vehicle that perfectly fits your needs.