2020 LEXUS IS 300 VS. 2020 BMW 3-SERIES

The 2020 Lexus IS 300 series has eight trim levels to choose from, while the BMW 3 series only has four. The Lexus offers superior choice, while delivering an attractive price point.

 Lexus IS Model TrimLexus MSRP BMW 3 Model Trim BMW MSRP 
 Lexus IS 300$38,560 BMW 330i $40,750 
Lexus IS 300 F-Sport $41,755 No Comparable Model N/A 
Lexus IS 300 AWD $41,010 BMW 330i xDrive $42,750 
Lexus IS 300 F-Sport AWD $43,805 No Comparable Model N/A 
Lexus IS 350 $42,180 BMW M340i $54,000 
Lexus IS 350 F-Sport $45,375 No Comparable Model N/A 
Lexus IS 350 F-Sport Black Line
Special Addition 
$44,950 No Comparable Model N/A 
Lexus IS 350 F-Sport AWD
Black Line Special Addition
$47,000 BMW M340i xDrive $56,000 


At every step of the way, the Lexus IS beats the BMW 3 series in price on what seems like similarly equipped vehicles. A closer look reveals just how far ahead the Lexus IS 300 is in performance.

The Lexus IS 350 uses a V-6 engine to push out 311 horsepower.
The BMW 330i has an inline 4-cylinder twin-turbo engine that puts out only 255 horsepower.

Drive Modes
The Lexus IS has three drive modes: Normal, ECO for fuel economy, and Sport for exceptional control.
The BMW 330i only has two modes: Normal and Sport.

Electronic Brake Distribution
The Lexus IS comes with Electronic Brake Force Distribution for superior braking under all conditions.
The BMW 3 series does not have an EBD system.


All Lexus IS models come standard with the Lexus Safety System+ system, an advanced suite of driver assist and safety systems. The BMW 3 series has Standard Active Protection and Active Guard safety systems.

Pre-Collision System
The Lexus IS comes standard with a pre-collision system that can assist the driver by applying additional brake pressure to help reduce or even eliminate the impact of a potential collision at any speed.
The BMW 3 series' pre-collision system only applies brake pressure at low speed and only after impact at highway speeds.

Pedestrian Detection
The Lexus IS comes with a pedestrian detection system that works even in low-light situations.
The BMW 3 series does not offer pedestrian protection.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
The Lexus IS comes standard with dynamic radar cruise control at all speeds.
The BMW 3 series has this system available for an additional cost.

Lane Departure Systems
The Lexus IS comes standard with lane departure warning and lane keep assist that applies gentle steering correction if the driver fails to respond to visual and audio cues.
The BMW 3 series had this available for an additional cost.

The Lexus IS has many more features that outpace the BMW 3 series. Come in and test drive one today to see for yourself why the 2020 Lexus IS 300 is the superior vehicle.